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Are you wondering when is the best time to take the plunge and buy gold stocks? Is 2017 going to continue to build on the gold trends that began in 2016? We believe it will be another strong year for gold, and especially strong for gold stocks. 

Long post

Looking for how to invest in gold?

What does that mean to the average investor?

Do you think of running out to the local bullion dealer to begin stockpiling gold bars in your basement?

Or perhaps visiting a local jeweller or pawn shop to buy a bunch of gold chains or coins? 

With the recent drop in the price of gold and silver, shares of precious metal stocks have been dropping rapidly. As this collapse of gold and silver stocks seems to be occurring across the board, it begs the question: Is this an apocalypse for these companies, or is it rather a rare opportunity for investors to buy solid mining stocks at discount prices?