Mining Executives Express Concern Over China Securing Strategic Metals

Copper Wiring

Experts in the mining sector and and national security were in Ottawa today to express concern over China’s domination in global strategic metal supply. The Federal government of Canada was urged to better protect the supply chain of these strategic metals to protect the development of modern technology, such as electric cars, solar panels, and mobile communication devices. 

How to Buy the Best Gold Stocks

Today, I am going to show you the foolproof method on how to buy gold stocks.

Our simply system, is both easy to follow and has a historical track record that proves it consistently beats the market.



Gold Streaming Stocks

There are many different methods for investing in gold, as we have outlined previously.

Gold streaming and royalty companies are a unique investment. They offer a distinct set of advantages and disadvantages in their exposure to gold.

Mining streaming and royalty companies offer a number of benefits to investors that differ significantly from more traditional mining co’s. 

Uranium Stocks: Why you should invest

The case for investing in uranium stocks is as follows;

  • In March of 2011, the  Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster occurred, triggering negative international public opinion that would damage the confidence in nuclear power.
  • This led to a radical change in the global community against nuclear power.

Is It Time to Buy Silver Miners? The Gold:Silver Price Ratio Says YES!

The above chart is a 20-year snapshot that covers the Gold to Silver price ratio. It measures the number of silver ounces are needed to purchase a single ounce of gold.  This bellwether indicator has crossed into new territory and is currently fluctuating between 85 and 83, which is significantly higher than the normal range. 

Gold Closes at Par Due to Geopolitical Uncertainty

After an initial dip in the price of gold early in the trading session Tuesday, gold finished strong to close out the day flat at $1,238.90, (-$0.20).

The puzzling thing is the ICE Dollar index was up 0.5%, showing a strong U.S. 

Iron Ore Prices Driving Mining Stocks

The shares of iron-ore mining stocks have risen dramatically over the past few weeks, as Chinese iron-ore futures have climbed.

Ore producers Cliff Natural Resources and Vale S.A. are up over the past month, mirroring the price movement of their focus commodity.